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Macbeth opens in 2 Days!!!

Guys! It's Tuesday! We open on Thursday!
Oh dear God. We open on Thursday.
I feel like just yesterday we began broadsword training, and now we're about to open the last show of our season. I am so excited!!!  But y'know, also a little terrified. Because this is one hell of a show ladies and gentleman. 
But mainly excited!
I found a really great tech theatre/stage manager comic site, but I'm currently in the WT Theatre Box Office for practicum, and to be honest I can't figure out how to work the Mac. But here's the link:
Check out all of their comics, they're the greatest!
Also, if you live in the Texas/Oklahoma/New Mexico/Kansas/Colorado area...
Performances are April 10-13, 15-19. Get your tickets!!!!

It's gonna be a great show! :)


Funny Honey Monday!

Happy Funny Honey Monday everybody!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!

College is Hard

I haven't posted since September. I AM SO SORRY!! Life just got INCREDIBLY crazy.

Here's a recap of everything that has happened since we last spoke.

October: We put 'Shakespeare in Hollywood' on the stage to great success! It was such a wonderful experience. I gained a lot of experience, made a lot of great friends, and finished very proud of my debut on the WT stage. Later in the month I drove to Kansas to see my beautiful friend Alison marry the love of her life Lewis!

November: After not being cast in 'Into the Woods,' I volunteered to work on the wardrobe crew. It was fun, but it was hard. Thank you Stephen Sondheim for giving Cinderella approximately 30 seconds to change out of a ballgown and heels back into her poor clothes. Not cool sir.

December: I was cast as Steph in Neil Lebute's 'Reasons to be Happy', directed by my good friend and big, Kyla! I then completed my first round of juries and my first semester in college!  Then I went home t…