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BAP 2013: Annie-Day 8, Saturday PERFORMANCE DAY

Well, Katy, Magen, and I stayed up until four o'clock this morning, laughing, crying, talking... We knew it was our last night, so we had to get it allllllll out.

This morning we got up, showered, and packed up all of our belongings. We got checked out of the room and we all went to lunch. Then we trucked over to the theatre for hair and makeup. I don't know why anyone does drugs. The high I get in the dressing room, putting the finishing touches on my character, or standing in the dark, behind the curtain, waiting for the show to start... Nothing could possibly top that adrenaline rush. Nothing.

I actually happened to get a few pictures in the dressing room pre-show. Here they are!

The show went superbly! I can't wait till I get my DVD of the performance, I will try to upload some clips from the show. I will be uploading more photos as they become available.

I have had so much over the past week. So. Much. Fun. I cannot wait for Cinderella in July!!!

BAP 2013: Annie-Day 7, Friday

I love this place. :)

Like seriously guys.

BAP is so special to me (and others) because it's this... meeting place for those who just don't belong in our respective Mid-Western towns. We like to sing and act and dance, and we're kind of weird, and people in our hometowns just don't understand us... but at BAP, we find our kindred spirits. It's like this haven in the middle of sports driven, good-old-boy nowhereville. I've met some of my very best friends here. It is the event that truly convinced me that theatre is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I just love it:)

So first of all, we were up until one o'clock in the morning dying Ava (AKA Annie)'s hair red. It turned out so cute. I'm extremely jealous. I've always wanted to be a redhead. Then we sent her to bed and the rest of us (Alison, Sheldon, Kasey, Magen, Katy, and I) stayed up giggling and talking. We even discussed possible shows for next year! (Although we wont know anything …

BAP 2013: Annie-Day 6, Thursday

Ladies and Gentleman.

Today, Broadway Academy of Performing did three entire run throughs. Off book. On Thursday.

This is unheard of!!!

In the 15+ years since BAP has existed no one can remember ever having three full run throughs on Thursday. It's usually a high stress day, with dropped lines, dropped choreography, and botched music. No. Today was crazy amazing. Truly proof that this group of BAPpers is truly special. I cannot wait for the performance on Saturday!!!

BAP 2013: Annie-Day 5, Wednesday

Today was a great day.

We worked our butts off this morning, really perfecting the show. Then, after lunch we got to the pool here on campus and swim. I'm not that great of a swimmer, but I love it never the less! We all had a lot of fun, I can guarantee you the younger campers will be sleeping sound tonight. :)

Katy, Magen, and I have been furiously working lines and songs. We must be off book tomorrow. Eek! I'm not sure why I am so nervous; this is my fifth show with BAP. We pull this off every single time. But the perfectionist, Type-A personality in me is determined to have this show down. We are allowed to call for lines tomorrow, but on Friday we don't even have that!

We also got to add our canine actors today. Dodger, the dog playing Sandy, is ADORABLE and perfect in every way. His owner is a choir teacher, so I'm slightly surprised his name isn't Sandy. We Dottie the Basset Hound and Princess the Dachshund playing mutts in the Hooverville scene. They are th…

BAP 2013: Annie-Day 4, Tuesday

What a day!

Today we learned the choreography for 'New Deal', and reviewed everything that we have learned so far, meshing song and dance together. We also finished blocking to the end.

We officially have learned the whole show. It's Tuesday.

We are waaaaaay ahead of our normal schedule, we even got sent back to the dorms early so that we could begin to memorize in preparation for Thursday, when we are required to be completely off book.

A less happy note: the autistic camper that I previously mentioned has left us. It's a bummer. Although, she will get to go swimming with us on Wednesday! SO she is not completely withdrawn.

A quick shout out to our wonderful counselors, Kasey, Sheldon, and Julio. They are FANTASTIC. For instance, Katy and I are in Magen's room (we're suite mates, so we spend a lot of time over here) and there was a knock on the door. We open it to find Kasey and Sheldon, and they proceeded to sing 'I Could Have Danced All Night' from M…

BAP 2013: Annie-Day 3, Monday

Today went really well! Everyone is working super hard, and we are ahead of schedule.We have rehearsed all the songs, and we have choreographed every number but New Deal! For any of you that might not realize how big of an accomplishment that is, keep in mind that we have a cast of 20, a good half of whom can't watch a PG-13 movie yet. That's approximately 26 musical numbers!

We watched the movie tonight after we finished blocking pages 44-110. We watched the 1982 film with Carol Burnett and Bernadette Peters. It doesn't follow the plot as well as the newer movie does, but who can resist watching Carol Burnett's rendition of 'Little Girls?' She is fabulous. Now, in a normal production you would never watch the movie musical, just because it takes away your original spin on the character. But, since we are doing a 140 page musical in a week, we make some allowances.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

(Hehe get it? Tomorrow?)

BAP 2013: Annie-Day 2, Sunday

We got stuff down today! We have officially had one day of rehearsals and so far we have learned:

"Hard Knock Life" Music and Choreography
"Something was Missing" Music and Chor.
"Maybe" and "Tomorrow" Music
"Little Girls" Chor.
"I Don't Need" Music and Chor.
"Hooverville" Music and Chor.
"Easy Street" Music and Chor.
Blocked pages 1-44

So yeah! We've made incredible progress. We have lots more to do though. I'm not sure how we get it done in a week, but we always do!

And on a side note, I am absolutely loving my part! Lily St. Regis is so fun to play! Our dance for easy Street is freaking amazing. I love it. :D

BAP 2013: Annie-Day 1, Saturday

Hello theatre people!

I am at BAP and life is so incredibly good right now. There are 20 campers aged 11 to 20 here. We auditioned when we got here and had callbacks following dinner. We've aready been cast and start rehearsals tomorrow!

Here is the BAP: Annie Cast List (To the best of my abilities) (Their ages are written next to their names)

Annie: Ava (11)
Daddy Warbucks: Marshall(16)
Miss Hannigan: Magen (19)
Grace: Katy Moore (18)
Rooster: Arthur(16)
Lily: Jordon Shyanne(18) <Me!
Ms Drake: Abby (15)
Pepper: Erin (12)
Duffy: Ella (12)
Molly: Hannah (11)
Tessie: Parker(11)
July: Molly(11)
Kate: Brooklyn (11)

Ensemble: (This includes Hooverites, servants, stars, and the like!)

Some interesting facts is that we have TONS of BAP family members! Magen, Marshall, and Ella (Miss Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks, and Duffy) are siblings! So are Bethany and Abigale. So are Arthur and Jessica. So are Kaylee and…