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Picture it. Last Thursday, I'm at the gym. I'm running on the treadmill. Suddenly a text pops up on my phone from my friend Ashlyn: "Whatcha doing tonight?" followed almost immediately by a screen shot.

In fact, this screenshot.

Cue my yelling nonsense words at Jess, who was on the treadmill next to me and desperately trying to stop my own machine, less I trip and end up in the ER, thus throwing away my shot. When I finally gathered my wits, I tested her back, super cool and casual, that YES OH MY GOD I WOULD LOVE TO GO THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

It's so fitting that she happened to win the Hamilton lottery. When we had gone for drinks just a week earlier, we had spoken about how desperately we wanted to see Hamilton. She even mentioned this article at Timeout about the odds of winning.  We had each sighed, resigned that if we ever got the chance, it was probably years off. LITTLE DID WE KNOW.

Cut to six hours later. We got $5 frozen drinks and some del…