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District Contest

Yesterday we went back to White Deer yesterday for District. We performed first, which is definitely my favorite time slot to perform in. We got on the stage and put on a good show, but our timing was a little off. Well, after us performed West Texas, who had moved on with us, then Claude who performed a play called "The Curious Savage". They were good, but I personally felt that they could have done more with their characters. Last was Panhandle, who did "A Midsummer Night's Jersey" which is just like it sounds: Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream" set in Jersey Shore. I absolutely hated it. It was a complete mockery of theatre. Yuck.

At the critique, Taylor, who plays my mother, was awarded Honorable Mention. Then Katy, Victor and I were awarded All Star Cast. Then, (of course) Adrian was awarded Best Actor. However, we were all very surprised when a girl from Panhandle (The Jersey play) got Best Actress. Did this mean it would be us and Panh…

Zone Contest

It has been an incredibly good week!

On Thursday we packed up all of our props and costumes and went to White Deer for Zone contest.
We had the second time slot, after Gruver. We got ready in a math classroom, feeling very nervous. But when we got onstage everything started clicking. We had SO MUCH fun. Which is good because sometimes after you have rehearsed a play for so long, things start to drag. But no, we kicked some stage butt up there!

After we got done we got to see the other plays. Gruver had done "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" which is about Nazi Germany, West Texas did "A Girl Called Opal" which was set in Oregon, 1905. Sunray performed a play called"Proposin" which only had three characters. And finally Booker did "Tevya's Daughters" the play that Fiddler on the Roof is based on.

After the final play left the stage, we went back to our room and got dressed up for the critique. And... * drumroll please* We advanced!

So excited!!…

Dinner Theatre

Well, today we performed the play twice, once for the high school and once for the community. Everything went very smoothly! Both the students and the town have been very complimentary. They said this their favorite play we have ever put on! I'm so happy that they enjoyed it.

Today was very emotional for me. This is eighth and final play I get to perform with Stratford High School. I'm going to miss it very very much.

Several people have told me that they think I will get Best Actress at the Zone Contest on Thursday, but this is highly unlikely. While I am giving the role everything I have, There is an unspoken rule that Best Actress and Best Actor have to come from different schools. In fact, they generally must distribute the 8 All Star cast medals and the 8 Honorable Mention medals evenly to the participating schools. And I can almost guarantee tat Adrian will get Best Actor. So I'm just hoping for All Star Cast!

I don't have any photos to post yet, but when they ar…

Funny Honey Monday

Happy Monday. Here are some Thespian Peacock themes to cheer you up.

All credit goes to (Pardon the language (: )

Have a good day! -Jordon

Who said theatre isn't a contact sport?

So yesterday was a fun day! My cousin Nicklas got married to a wonderful girl named Sarah. I hadn't been to a wedding since his sister Keitha got married in 2006, and I didn't remember much, so all of my nuptial related knowledge came from the wedding scene in The Sound of Music (which I was in this summer). The entire family really enjoyed themselves.
And furthermore, this was my first time to get to go out with all the single ladies for the bouquet toss, and lo and behold...
 I sent this picture to Adrian. He's skiing so he hasn't received it yet. ;)

Anywho. The purpose of today's post is regarding the myth that theatre is a nice, safe past time. Wrong! Theatre is an art that imitates life, and that art sometimes turns a little painful. It's something that happens all the way from children's theatre to Broadway and West End. Afterall, Idina Menzel was absent from her closing weekend in 'Wicked' due to a cracked rib she sustained after an accident …

Chemical Imbalance

Well, for my first post, I thought I would share a little about the show we are currently doing.

My high school participates in a festival competition known as One Act Play. Basically, you practice for several months, then you travel to another high school and perform your show along with four or five other schools. A panel of judges watches then ranks the schools and one of them chooses hands out awards for best actor and actress, 12 all star cast medals, and 12 honorable mention all star cast medals. You have to follow a whole slew of rules including: the play must be under 40 minutes, you have seven minutes to assemble your entire set, you can only have 15 cast members, 4 understudies, and 5 crew members, none of your set pieces can roll, none of your music can last over 30 seconds, and you have to choose your play from a list or get it specifically approved. Whew! And that's only the rules off the top of my head!

Regardless of the ridiculous guidelines, it is so much fun. Seri…