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A Day in the Life of a College Musical Theatre Student: Monday

7:50 First Alarm. Browse twitter.

7:55 Second Alarm. Turn off the third and get up. Head to the showers. Attempt to (quietly) vocalize so I can warm up my voice, but I'm scared of waking up the other girls and this shower doesn't go past mildly warm water, so I eventually write it off as a moot point.

8:15 Time to get ready!

9:00 Em and I walk across the entire campus for breakfast at the caf. Raisin Bran, a pancake, and half a pear.

9:25 On our way back to the room we stop and get our mail. Yay! My mom sent me all of my sheet music (which was left behind in the hecticness of moving) and Alison sent me my cardigan that I left at her house during Cinderella.

9:30 AHHHH! When I open Alison's package I find that she has sent me a Playbill from the musical Pippin!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

9:50 I get to Script Analysis only to realize that the Oedipus Rex worksheet isn't due until Wednesday, and the sequential analysis is due today! Ah! Quickly complete that and turn it in.

10:50 Get…

A Day in the Life of a College Musical Theatre Student: Sunday


7:04 I wake up because my room is really cold and I'm just under a sheet. You see, the residential hall I live in was built after the Great Depression and consequently does not have air conditioning. Which in Texas in September is a horrible thing. So to combat the heat my roommate Emily and I keep both windows open 24/7 with a fan in each one to circulate the air. It keeps the room manageable during the day, and in the early hours of the morning, we actually get to sleep with our blankets. I snuggle under my comforter and go back to bed.

7:25 First alarm. Snooze

7:30 Second Alarm. I drag myself out of bed and grab my shower caddy and head for the communal bathrooms. I'm usually an obnoxious morning person but I was up until one in the morning working on a project for my Musical Theatre I class, so I'm a little more subdued.

7:45 Head back to the room and start to get ready. The cafeteria opens late on the weekends so I grab a poptart and a container of applesauce, …


Guys I suck. Big time.

I never posted anything about Cinderella (It was fabulous. I played Queen Constantina. We had a blast!)

I started college the 26th, and have told you guys none of the super cool awesome things I am learning. I didn't even blog about my very first college play audition, subsequent casting! But I pinky promise that I am going to try to do better. For instance, this net week I am going to do an entire unit called:

A Day in the Life of a Musical Theatre College Student
...because my life is kind of awesome right now. And I know, especially the last semester of my senior year and this summer, I was really nervous over what to expect. So I want to share all of my (3 week old) worldly wisdom! So stay tuned!