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A Day in the Life of a College Musical Theatre Student: Sunday


7:04 I wake up because my room is really cold and I'm just under a sheet. You see, the residential hall I live in was built after the Great Depression and consequently does not have air conditioning. Which in Texas in September is a horrible thing. So to combat the heat my roommate Emily and I keep both windows open 24/7 with a fan in each one to circulate the air. It keeps the room manageable during the day, and in the early hours of the morning, we actually get to sleep with our blankets. I snuggle under my comforter and go back to bed.

7:25 First alarm. Snooze

7:30 Second Alarm. I drag myself out of bed and grab my shower caddy and head for the communal bathrooms. I'm usually an obnoxious morning person but I was up until one in the morning working on a project for my Musical Theatre I class, so I'm a little more subdued.

7:45 Head back to the room and start to get ready. The cafeteria opens late on the weekends so I grab a poptart and a container of applesauce, noting that Em and I have virtually no food.

8:45 I jump in my red Kia Soul (her name is Stella) and head for the FUMC here in Canyon. Yay for 9 am early services!

10:20 Get back to the dorms. I change into my Pizza Hut polo and black pants, then talk with Emily until I have to go leave for my lunch shift.

11:00 Time to work! I just started working at Pizza Hut, but so far I really like it. The Sunday lunch shift is crazy, with large groups coming in after church. I'm on my feet for the next four hours straight.

2:00 Emily arrives for her shift but I don't have a chance to really talk with her other than a quick butt slap and an assurance that I will go to Walmart and buy water after work.

3:10 Finally It's done! I stumble to Miss Stella with $31 in tips and a plate of food from clearing the buffet. I'm so tired I can barely see straight, but I drive to Walmart. I sit in the parking lot eating my plate of now cold food, listening to Pippin on the On Broadway Sirius XM station, and lamenting the fact that I have just under 1/4 of a tank of a gas.

4:00 I get to my room with a 24 pack of water, oatmeal, ramen, off brand poptarts, and Mountain Dew. Can I just brag a second and say I only spent $6.72? That takes talent. I aknowledge thatmy laundry is overflowing and watch some trash TV.

6:00 Finally drag my laundry and my laptop to the lobby. I start a couple loads and settle in to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II.

8:45 I finish my laundry but stay in the lobby talking to some of the other girls.

10:00 I finally head back to the room. Emily is almost asleep, which is weird because I'm ALWAYS asleep before her. So I respectfully quietly lie on my bed and due a worksheet over Oedipus Rex which is due tomorrow in Script Analysis.

11:00 I have a HUGE day ahead of me tomorrow. Off to bed!


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