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A Day in the Life of a College Musical Theatre Student: Monday

7:50 First Alarm. Browse twitter.

7:55 Second Alarm. Turn off the third and get up. Head to the showers. Attempt to (quietly) vocalize so I can warm up my voice, but I'm scared of waking up the other girls and this shower doesn't go past mildly warm water, so I eventually write it off as a moot point.

8:15 Time to get ready!

9:00 Em and I walk across the entire campus for breakfast at the caf. Raisin Bran, a pancake, and half a pear.

9:25 On our way back to the room we stop and get our mail. Yay! My mom sent me all of my sheet music (which was left behind in the hecticness of moving) and Alison sent me my cardigan that I left at her house during Cinderella.

9:30 AHHHH! When I open Alison's package I find that she has sent me a Playbill from the musical Pippin!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

9:50 I get to Script Analysis only to realize that the Oedipus Rex worksheet isn't due until Wednesday, and the sequential analysis is due today! Ah! Quickly complete that and turn it in.

10:50 Get out of class and speed walk to Northern Hall for my ballet class.

12:00 I love ballet. Today we learned all kinds of cool new stuff like fondue and arabesque saute. I head off to meet Emily and our friend Sean for lunch.

1:00 Time for my voice lesson! I love Ms. Williams. She's an incredibly bubbly person and she's also incredibly talented. We run my audition pieces, Little Lamb from Gypsy and I Speak Six Languages from 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. We have auditions for Into the Woods on Saturday and I'm reeeeeaaaaally nervous. Competition will be steep.

2:00 I head back to my room and watch TLC's What Not to Wear.

3:30 Musical Theatre! Today we are having a Q&A session with a graduate from WT who is now working in Chicago after working two years in Dallas. We talk about professional auditions, the pros and cons of Equity membership, and the necessity of a flexible day job.

4:30 Back to the room. I watch Toddler's and Tiaras while Emily does her homework.

5:00 We head to the gym. Especially as a MT major, you have to watch yourself carefully or you will gain weight like crazy. Hell, I've gained weight and I've only been here two weeks. So, the gym is my friend. I run over two miles on the elliptical, burning 250 calories.

6:00 We go to the caf, where I have a small salad because Everything else sounds gross.

7:00 Rehearsal! We are in rehearsal for Ken Ludwig's "Shakespeare in Hollywood." I play Extra 1: Movie Fan/Film Crew/ Fairy/ Party Guest. I have no lines, but I'm so excited to be back on the stage I don't even care. During this particular rehearsal we are going over the party scene. I stand in my costume heels for two hours, bitterly regretting working out.

9:10 I get to the room right as Emily is leaving. I veg out watching Cougar Wives and eat an entire bag of popcorn by myself. I don't remember falling asleep, but Emily reports the next day that when she came home at midnight I was passed out with legs folded criss cross applesauce. Sounds about right.


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