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Stella Adler Callback

Hey guys! So I was very blessed to make the final round of callbacks with the Stella Adler conservatory in New York City! For this final round I was asked to film myself presenting a monologue as well as a personal statement about myself. Man, I stressed about that last part until my friends were ready to to murder me. I just didn't know how to approach it! I became an actor so I could embody others! I didn't want to talk as me about me!

But eventually, after much consoling and a few come to Jesus talks with my dear friend Austin, I met with my very talented friend Michael Hoy and put some stuff on film. (If you do not know Michael's work, check it out! He runs Pilot Light Productions and last summer he filmed A short film named 'Tracking' starring some of favorite people! Find it on Facebook!) Anywho, Michael filmed my callback and it was great fun although I was stressing out over it hardcore. But we filmed it, Austin edited, I uploaded it to youtube, and submi…

Time Flies

Wow guys! I gut super busy and didn't post for a few months.. or twenty four. I'm so bad at this. BUT I desperately want to get better, So we're going to try this again. Let's see. What has happened since I last posted? In April 2014 we opened and closed Macbeth. It was such an amazing experience! Shortly after, WT held auditions for the Fall 2014 jump show, The 39 Steps, and I was cast in the ensemble as well as Pamela's understudy! I spent that summer working at Pizza Hut and the Amarillo Zoo, both of which I quit when was hired on as a Sales Associate at Loft! August brought The 39 Steps and we opened in September, just a few weeks into the school year! That fall I was cast as Stella in the WT Directing class's scene of A Streetcar Named Desire, which is one of my ultimate dreamroles and a dream come true! I don't have pictures, but hopefully will one day soon! A few weeks later I was cast as Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest. We performed …