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Big Changes!

Hello friends!

We're moving quickly into spring (even if NYC weather fails to acknowledge it) and man do I have some great news to share!

First, I posted last time about how due to cut hours I had taken on the second job at Blue Balloons. It's not something I had necessarily been super excited about; it meant having 0 days off and being even more exhausted than normal. But I was willing to hustle if that's what needed to happen. But then my manager approached me about moving into a management position at Loft. I had been a Sales Lead at my store in Texas and we had spoken several times during my time at the Flatiron store about moving back up, but there had never been a position open. But now, due to a series of moves within the company, one was! I gleefully told her I was still interested and she sat up an interview with our District Manager.

And I am now, officially, the new part-time Sales Lead at Loft in Flatiron! I am so excited for this new opportunity. Being a SL pu…

Sunday in the Park with Jess: My 8 month New York-versery

Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I definitely did! Saturday dawned bright and early. Jessica was working a 1920’s themed event in the city so I helped style her hair in a braided Gibson half-tuck. Then I made myself some breakfast and headed to the gym. Now let’s be clear: I am not a gym rat. This is quite clear from looking at me. My idea of a good time is curled up with a good book or asserting my intellectual dominance in board games and trivia. Not squats. Not treadmills. And certainly not yoga. (My disdain for this particular activity deserves it’s own blog post.) But y’know, I want to be an actress. And I need a body that is up to the demands of physical roles. Also, I love sweets, and eat way more than any reasonable adult should. Therefore, I try to go to the gym when I have a chance. Afterwards, I showered and got ready and made myself a super yummy lunch. Then I packed up all of my stuff and headed for the train, ready for my first full day at my weekend job. It turn…

I live in New York City!

Hey.... It's me.

It's been almost an entire year since I've posted.

I want to be better at this! Good grief. This is probably one of my least favorite personality traits. Generally, if it's not school or work related, I have very little follow through. I have a lifetime's worth of barely begun journals and abandoned workout regimes to prove this point.

BUT it has to say something about me that I keep coming back to this blog. I have an underlying need to chronicle my life. So once again, I am here, vowing to be better.

Last April, I had posted about getting into the Stella Adler Studio of Acting Evening Conservatory. Everything was still up in the air about when I would come and where I would live, and it was a huge, anxiety inducing mess.


We opened Jane Eyre. And my god. What a beautiful, beast of a show. It will always hold a very special place in my heart as my final show at WT and the last time I was able to perform with some of my very dear friends.