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I live in New York City!

Hey.... It's me.

It's been almost an entire year since I've posted.

I want to be better at this! Good grief. This is probably one of my least favorite personality traits. Generally, if it's not school or work related, I have very little follow through. I have a lifetime's worth of barely begun journals and abandoned workout regimes to prove this point.

BUT it has to say something about me that I keep coming back to this blog. I have an underlying need to chronicle my life. So once again, I am here, vowing to be better.

Last April, I had posted about getting into the Stella Adler Studio of Acting Evening Conservatory. Everything was still up in the air about when I would come and where I would live, and it was a huge, anxiety inducing mess.


We opened Jane Eyre. And my god. What a beautiful, beast of a show. It will always hold a very special place in my heart as my final show at WT and the last time I was able to perform with some of my very dear friends.

It's one of those shows that I'll never completely say goodbye to.

I finished up my last semester of college, completed my senior recital, and graduated!

I spent a wonderful last summer in Canyon with my friends. Saying goodbye to the little family I had found in Canyon, as well as my family in Stratford is one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I had to.

On August 2, 2016, I jumped a Dallas bound flight with two checked bags a carry on, and a personal item. Something like eight hours later, I landed at La Guardia airport, an NYC resident. I consider myself very lucky: at the last moment, a room came open in my friend Jess's apartment. Getting to live with someone I know and love has been an immeasurable gift. I honestly don't think I could have done this without her by my side. I was also able to transfer into a Sales Associate role at the Loft in Flatiron, and man was that nice! I arrived in New York at 10 pm August 2nd and started my job at 10 am August 4th.

On September 12th, I started class at Stella Adler. Quick tangent: The first night, all of the first year students had to perform a monologue for our class, the second years, and the faculty. Which is terrifying. TERRIFYING. And while we were sitting there, waiting to go, I had this awful thought. What if they have us go by alphabetical order?  But then I was like, stop freaking yourself out, of course they won't do that. Hahahaha they definitely did! And so who had to go first? That is correct. Yours truly. 
But it has been an incredible journey. I feel like I have truly grown as an actor and a person since starting. I'm now coming to the conclusion of my second semester of classes. On April 12 we start rehearsals for the end of year Rehearsal Projects, so that's very exciting! I've been cast as Phoebe in Richard Greenberg's Eastern Standard. It's a wonderful script and I get to work with my cast mates.

So that's everything that's been happening. I really hope to be better about posting, but we'll see.

Have a wonderful day.


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