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A Day in the Life: Wednesday

8:00: I'm up! I think a mixture of excitement over filming in Acting IV and anxiety from my Spanish quiz helped me wake after just a few alarms.

8:30: After perusing social media and pouring a cup of coffee to cool, I jump in the shower.

9:20: Leilani comes in to my room as I'm doing my makeup in bed. I should already be done, but I got distracted while trying to find a Leslie Knope makeup tutorial on youtube. Instead, I watched alot of Parks & Rec clips. She brings me a few flannels to try for my costume and headed to school.

10:30: I drive to school, afraid that horrible parking will make me late for class, since I'm filming first!

10:50: Have I mentioned how abysmal the parking is at WT? I finally head across campus to the historical log cabin where we chose to film.

11:00: The scene goes great!

12:20: After filming the last four scenes, class is released. I head back to the green room to study for my Spanish quiz.

1:30: Off to Spanish, Buenas suertes!

2:45: I actually feel really solid about that quiz. I think I aced it.

3:00: I turn in my Directing II portfolio into Mr. Brantley, heaving a sigh of relief that it is done with. I then go to the JBK and pick up some Chik Fil A for a late lunch.

4:00: Directing II. Today is the last day of directing show performances. My friend Rachel directs a scene from The Mystery of Attraction by Marlane Meyer and Angel directs the absurdist play Parade. Both were wonderfully done! After the performances we strike the entire unit set we retained for the class performances, as well as the lights.

6:30: We are released 20 minutes early, But we still only have an hour until rehearsal so I decide to just stay at the school. I slowly get into mic. Thankfully, tonight is sitz probe with the orchestra, so no corsets! :D

7:30: We all sit in chairs on the stage with the pit opened underneath. It is so wonderful to finally hear all of the music we've been practicing with it's full accompaniment. This orchestra is killing it. There are several times when the cast is overcome with chills because of their beautiful music.

10:25: We were supposed to be finished with sitz probe twenty five minutes ago, but unfortunately with a show of this magnitude that's not happening. We are just a few songs into Act 2. We all start to get a bit restless, and our stage management team sweeps in for the win. They hand out marshmallow peeps, breathmints, cough drops, and Monsters, Inc stickers. They renew our spirits.

11:00: We are released to go home, even though we're only halfway through Act 2. Leilani drives me to my car, which is still over in the awful parking spot I was forced to take this morning.

11:30: Face washed, teeth brushed, and in bed. Today was a good day, but man oh MAN am I tired!


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