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A Day in The Life: Sunday

Hi guys! When I was applying to college I couldn't help but wonder what life was going to be like as a theatre student. Well now I'm nearing the end of my 6th and final semester here at WT. I have absolutely loved my time here! So I wanted to give everyone a little insight into how my time is spent. Now keep in mind, not everyone's days will look like this. I am currently taking 16 hours, working 30+ hours as a full time sales lead at Loft, not to mention attending Jane Eyre rehearsals Monday through Friday.So I'm very, very busy. :)

So here we go! Sunday!

10 am: I wake up very tired. Last night was my last public improv show with the Improv Agents. I auditioned for the team at the end of last school year and I am so glad I did. This year has been so much fun and a great learning experience as well. We try to have a show once or twice a month either in the Acting Studio on the WT campus or in the back room of our local coffee shop, Palace Coffee. After the show, the team went to the apartment of our current captain, Tyler. We were there until almost 4 am, talking, drinking wine, and playing board games. It was a wonderful night with friends but I definitely regret not getting more rest.

10:10: I put on coffee and hop in the shower.

11:00: In the car! I live in Canyon, just a mile and a half from campus, but Loft is in Amarillo, about 30 minutes away.

11:30: To work I go! I love my job. I enjoy working with clients to help them find the perfect outfit for their lives. And I like to think I'm pretty good at it.

3:00: Lately I have been so busy that my diet has been mainly coffee, saltine crackers, and fast food. Today it has finally caught up with me. My coworker graciously lets me go home early.

3:30: I snuggle into bed right as a little rainstorm hits Canyon. I work on my website as we are looking at them on Tuesday in Musical Theatre Repetoire.

5:00: It looks great! I intend on working on my Portfolio for Directing II. However, I somehow end up watching Dr. Phil clips on youtube, and then Supernatural on Netflix.

7:30: Whoops I fell asleep. I move to the living room to watch this weekend's SNL on the DVR and then cutthroat kitchen. During commercials I text my dear friend Ktie about cute celebrities and look at kids' fashion on pinterest (a weird obsession of mine.) Notice that none of this is my Directing II homework.

10:30: I switch off the TV, wash my face and brush my teeth, and get in bed. I'l browse Pinterest and probably play a gew games of solitare and then go to sleep. It was nice to have a little downtime today, even if I only got it because I was feeling crummy. I'll take what little rest I can get. Tomorrow will be a big day!


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