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A Day in the Life: Tuesday

8:00: I blearily wakeup. I am usually the worst kind of morning person- up with the sun and automatically wanting to talk to anyone who will listen. But Jane Eyre rehearsals have been running anywhere between 10-11, and so I don't sleep until much later than normal. Thus, mornings have been a struggle lately. I put on a pot of coffee (cursing myself for not premaking it the night before) and make myself a bowl of oatmeal.

8:15: I start on my makeup, keeping an eye on my phone. I'm scheduled at 9, meaning I need to leave by 8:30, but my manager is even worse at mornings than I am so I know there's a good chance he'll delay until 9:30.

8:20: Huzzah! He texts asking to come in at 9:30. This means I get to enjoy my coffee in the warmth of my bed rather than spilling it all over myself in the car.

9:30: Work! My manager and I discuss today's game plan and I spend the next four hours styling clients and maintaining the store's visual standards.

2:00: I get off work and drive to Canyon.

2:20: As I pull into the school parking lot (I may have been speeding a tad) my stomach reminds me that I haven't eaten anything since 8 am. I stop by our department secretary's office and nab some candy.

2:30: Musical Theatre Repetoire. This class meets every Tuesday from 2:30-3:30. Every semester we add three songs to our professional audition rep book and learn more about the business of being an actor. Today we're discussing our websites. Good reviews all around. We get out early.

3:30: After dropping one of my classmates off at her house I go home. I put on some Dr. Phil and eat a bowl of Ramen. It's a bit early for dinner but we have costume parade tonight and our call is at 5 pm. I also move Leilani's laundry to the dryer and put a load in the washer, and do the dishes.

 4:30: I head to the school. I french braid hair in the green room. (All of the school girl chorus wears their hair braided and some girls choose to braid rather than pin curl under wigs.)

5:00: Into petticoats, corsets, gowns, wig caps, wigs, and jewelry we go. We then make our way to the stage so that our director, Andrew, and our costume mistress, Anne, can look at us individually and as an ensemble.

5:50: We worked efficiently so costume parade is done ahead of schedule! I work on more Directing II homework.

7:00: We rework the finale then start the run around 7:30. It's a pretty solid run with new tech elements being added everyday. During my downtime, I complete all of my Directing II homework!

10:20: The run is done!

10:30: Out of my mic and costume, I head home. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and get in bed. Tomorrow I film in Acting IV and have a pop quiz in Spanish!


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