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A Day in the Life: Monday

7:05 am: My first alarm goes off.

9:00: Seven alarms later, I finally wake up. I hang around in bed, checking social media.

9:30: I finally get up and get ready for the day.

11:00: My first class of the day, Acting IV: Acting for the Camera. We've been working all semester with becoming comfortable on film as well as working with copy and demos. This week we are are filming short scenes from existing TV shows and movies. I don't film until Wednesday so I mainly hang back and watch my classmates.
Here are some behind the scene pictures I took:

Don't they all look so cool? All of my classmates are super attractive, it's maddening. The first picture is Nikki and Tyler doing a scene from 'It's a Disaster', and the second is Ryan and Rachel doing a scene from 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'.

12:15: Leilani and I jump in her car and drive to Amarillo to get Rosa's for lunch. Nothing in this world makes me happier than Mexican food.

1:30: Spanish class. I took three years of high school Spanish so I didn't anticipate the two semesters required by WT to be a problem, I was wrong. It is very hard and I am riding the struggle bus. Oh well.

2:45: After Spanish I swing by the WT bookstore and pick up my cap, gown, and tassel!!!! (Graduation is just 33 days away!)

3:00: I take private voice lessons once a week with Lyndi Williams-Krause. It's a lot of fun. Today we work on all of the song cuts I will be needing for juries as well as my finals.

4:00: My school day is done! As I drive home, I can't help but relish today's weather. With a high of 55 and gray, drizzly skies, most people would feel down but I freaking love it. Give me rain over hot and dry any day. I get home and dive straight into my directing homework. Well, first I mess around on my blog, THEN I dive into my homework.

6:00: My Directing Portfolio is almost completely done! I grab my rehearsal bag and head across town. I stop at Wendy's to grab Leilani and I dinner and hurry up to the school so I can get into my corset and do my mic check.

7:00 We work the opening of Act 2 as well as some other problem areas in the show. While I'm not onstage, I snap a picture of myself looking quite sad in my schoolgirl costume:

7:30: We start a full run through of the show. When the ensemble isn't needed onstage, we work on homework in the dressing room.

Also, you have no idea how hard it was to get a picture that was rated PG with everyone running around in petticoats and corsets.

10:30: Finally back home! I talk with Leilani and have a nice glass of wine. Then I work on my blog post for today.

11:30: Time for bed! Tomorrow will be even more hectic than today.


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