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Zone Contest

It has been an incredibly good week!

On Thursday we packed up all of our props and costumes and went to White Deer for Zone contest.
All of our props-plus the light manager, Tyler
We had the second time slot, after Gruver. We got ready in a math classroom, feeling very nervous. But when we got onstage everything started clicking. We had SO MUCH fun. Which is good because sometimes after you have rehearsed a play for so long, things start to drag. But no, we kicked some stage butt up there!

After we got done we got to see the other plays. Gruver had done "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" which is about Nazi Germany, West Texas did "A Girl Called Opal" which was set in Oregon, 1905. Sunray performed a play called"Proposin" which only had three characters. And finally Booker did "Tevya's Daughters" the play that Fiddler on the Roof is based on.

After the final play left the stage, we went back to our room and got dressed up for the critique. And... * drumroll please* We advanced!

The cast, crew, alternates, and directors holding our plaque!
So excited!!! We were also presented numerous individual awards. Victor and I were awarded Honorable Mention, Katy and Mary Ann were awarded All Star cast, our stage manager, Logan, got Best Technical crew, and (of course) Adrian got Best Actor.
What can I say? I'm dating a theatre stud.
Part of me felt a little disappointed that I only got Honorable Mention, I'm not going to lie. I think it's natural, especially as a senior, where each contest could be your last. But in the end, I feel blessed to have been recognized at all. Well, back to White Deer on Tuesday!
I don't think they could have pried this from my hands.


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