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BAP 2013: Annie-Day 1, Saturday

Hello theatre people!

I am at BAP and life is so incredibly good right now. There are 20 campers aged 11 to 20 here. We auditioned when we got here and had callbacks following dinner. We've aready been cast and start rehearsals tomorrow!

Here is the BAP: Annie Cast List (To the best of my abilities) (Their ages are written next to their names)

Annie: Ava (11)
Daddy Warbucks: Marshall(16)
Miss Hannigan: Magen (19)
Grace: Katy Moore (18)
Rooster: Arthur(16)
Lily: Jordon Shyanne(18) <Me!
Ms Drake: Abby (15)
Pepper: Erin (12)
Duffy: Ella (12)
Molly: Hannah (11)
Tessie: Parker(11)
July: Molly(11)
Kate: Brooklyn (11)

Ensemble: (This includes Hooverites, servants, stars, and the like!)

Some interesting facts is that we have TONS of BAP family members! Magen, Marshall, and Ella (Miss Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks, and Duffy) are siblings! So are Bethany and Abigale. So are Arthur and Jessica. So are Kaylee and Hannah! That is a lot of siblings!!! Actually, Bethany and Abigale come from a family of 10 kids, and two out of three of their older sisters, Lindey and Grace, have attended BAP as well!

We have some challenges ahead of us. One of our BAPpers is autistic, so we have had to adapt to a slightly altered performance environment. But I am hoping that she will be able to be in the show because I think she will have a LOT of fun. Another difficulty is, if you will look at the cast list you will notice that we have 2 boys and 18 girls, most of them younger. So that has been different.

Here's to looking forward to a great week and a great performance!!!


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