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BAP 2013: Annie-Day 7, Friday

I love this place. :)

Like seriously guys.

BAP is so special to me (and others) because it's this... meeting place for those who just don't belong in our respective Mid-Western towns. We like to sing and act and dance, and we're kind of weird, and people in our hometowns just don't understand us... but at BAP, we find our kindred spirits. It's like this haven in the middle of sports driven, good-old-boy nowhereville. I've met some of my very best friends here. It is the event that truly convinced me that theatre is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I just love it:)

So first of all, we were up until one o'clock in the morning dying Ava (AKA Annie)'s hair red. It turned out so cute. I'm extremely jealous. I've always wanted to be a redhead. Then we sent her to bed and the rest of us (Alison, Sheldon, Kasey, Magen, Katy, and I) stayed up giggling and talking. We even discussed possible shows for next year! (Although we wont know anything concrete for a while. We finally went to bed at about three. (Not a good idea, when you have a full day of rehearsals the following day D:)

But we did well today. Two full run throughs and a cue to cue. For those of you who do not know what a cue to cue is, it's basically the show with chunks cut out of it so that they can perfect, lighting, sound, costume, and scene changes. It's... rough. No one like them. As for Katy, Magen, and I, we were a little tired by that point, so we kind of lost our minds. Everything was funny. Even things that really weren't funny. But I think everyone else felt the same way. At one point, our Musical Director Thesa, this gorgeous, sophisticated, classy woman, put her hair in a Dr. Suess-esque pony taile right on top of her head. What made it even funnier was everytime she would move her head as she conducted, the little ponytail would bob along. We could not keep it together.

Tonight is our last night here at BAP. Very sad. Because we know that we may never see some of these people, ever again. If we are lucky, they were bitten by the theatre bug, and we will see them very soon at another BAP. But some may not have enjoyed it as much as we would have hoped. Or they might not be able to come due to schedule conflicts. Or they might move off to a foreign country. (That has actually happened. She moved to the United Arab Emirates. BAPpers around the world unite!) So it is a sad night. We usually go to Alison's house for a bonfire, and s'mored, but it rained today so instead we congregated in the game room of the dorms and attempted to make s'mores in an old microwave the counselors found. Except then it broke, so we just had raw s'mores, or as Kasey eloquently named them, r's'mores.

We have a tradition of making all of the new BAPpers sit in a circle in the middle of everyone. Then for each camper, everyone has one minute to say all the things we love about them. It's a very touching practice. I feel like it underlines why I love these people so much.

The show is tomorrow. It's going to be a good one. :)


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