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On Defeat

So guys. Guys. This will not be a happy go lucky blog post. This actually somewhat of a bummer blog post. Bare with me.

April 11th we went to Area One Act Play. We performed gourth and everyone told us that it was the best we had ever performed and that we were definitely moving on to the Regional competition. That is not what happened.

Victor and I were awarded Honorable Mention All Star Cast and Adrian was for the third time in a row awarded Best Actor. (Yeah my boyfriend is one heck of a stud.)

We got alternate. We don't get to move on.

I... was crushed. It is my senior year. I've devoted the past four years to One Act Play, wanting to go to State, and this was my last chance. I cried in the hallway waiting for our critique. I barely held it together through the critique. Then I cried the whole way home.

 This happens. Shows do not run forever. Even on a Broadway. All the great shows, from Rent to Gypsy, from Legally Blonde to My Fair Lady, they all eventually closed. It's an essential part of the performer's life. You audition, get cast, rehearse, perform perform perform, and then eventually you move on. Even Idina and Kristin moved on from Wicked.

But guys this does not make it any easier. These shows become embedded into the fibers of your being. They are your figurative baby for months and then they are ripped away and expected to just shrug and move on. It's hard. It's still hard for me.

But hey. There's no business like show business... Right?


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